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Analysis Of The Unique Properties & Characteristics Of Titanium Alloy

  • 2024-03-20

Analysis The Unique Properties & Characteristics Of Titanium Alloy

Since the discovery of titanium in 1790, mankind has carried out a century-long arduous exploration in order to obtain its extraordinary properties. In 1910, mankind made titanium metal for the first time, but the road to the application of titanium alloy was arduous and long, and it was not industrialized until 1951, 40 years later.

Since the 1960s, our country has started the development and application of titanium alloy processing.

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Titanium alloy has the characteristics of high specific strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and fatigue resistance. Titanium alloy of the same size weighs only 60% of steel, but it is stronger than alloy steel. Due to its good properties, titanium alloys are often used in medical fields, such as artificial joints, bone fixation devices, dentures and so on.

Titanium alloy is widely used in aircraft structural parts and heat-resistant parts. It is one of the main structural materials of contemporary aircraft and engines, and is known as “space metal”.

But titanium alloy is like a powerful maxima. It must be tamed in order to achieve the goal of traveling thousands of miles a day. So how can titanium alloy be “tamed”?

Titanium alloy has poor thermal conductivity, high hardness, and easy rebound. The thermal conductivity difference is reflected in the fact that the heat generated by friction during the custom processing of titanium alloy is very large. If it is other metals, it will be quickly transmitted to the whole, such as the pot we usually use.However, the poor thermal conductivity of titanium alloy will continue to gather heat, making the titanium alloy sticky, making the tool brittle when heated, severely worn, and even damaging the tool, as if cutting gummy candy with a knife.

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Titanium alloy has high hardness, and the processing of aluminum alloy materials that are also used in aircraft is simpler: the processing time of 1 meter of titanium alloy material can process 25 meters of aluminum alloy material, and it is more knife-saving, but the strength of aluminum alloy is difficult to meet the requirements, so although titanium alloy processing is difficult, it is very necessary. Moreover, the rebound of titanium alloy is serious, which affects the machining accuracy of parts, especially for thin-walled and complex-shaped parts, which are more difficult to process.

With the maturation of titanium alloy processing technology, continuous improvement and improvement of processing equipment, tools, etc., it is now possible to achieve stable processing of ultra-large structural parts and precision and complex parts. The machining accuracy can be stabilized at 0.2mm, and the local area can reach 0.1mm, which is the thickness of a piece of A4 paper, and even finer, the processing efficiency is also significantly improved.

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Powerful milling, shallow cutting, high-speed milling, etc. make the processing of titanium alloy parts faster and more stable.The superplastic forming method of titanium alloy sheet metal processing, the compressed air stirring of chemical milling processing, and the small current rapid welding of welding are all methods that we have studied to tame this fierce horse.

Titanium alloy, the maxima, can be used by us in the manufacture of aviation equipment. We believe that with the continuous research and exploration of the majority of scientific and technological workers in the aviation industry, our understanding of titanium alloy has gradually deepened. For taming the maxima of titanium alloy, we will have more means, and it will make greater contributions to our country's aviation industry!