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Xiaomi 14Pro's First Titanium Android Smartphone About To Debut

  • 2023-09-12

Xiaomi 14Pro's First Titanium Android Smartphone About To Debut

With the more application of titanium in the field of smart phones, recently there has been news from Xiaomi that we will see the world's first Android smartphone made of Titanium on the upcoming Xiaomi 14Pro this year.

It is reported that Xiaomi will launch a total of three models in the 14 series this time, namely Xiaomi 14, Xiaomi 14 Pro and Xiaomi 14 Ultra.Currently only 14 Pro is equipped with a titanium body, and it will also be the world's first Android smartphone made of titanium.

Titanium material has excellent strength and stiffness, and is lighter in weight than other materials. It can be used in electronic products such as mobile phones to take into account the stability and the feel of color removal. It is an ideal structural material.

It is worth noting that the earliest use of titanium in product production was actually Apple's Apple Watch Ultra. With the adoption of titanium material in Apple Watch Ultra, this material is likely to be widely used in smart phones and tablets. Rumor has it that Samsung will exclusively use titanium in the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which means that if no other Android smartphone uses titanium, this flagship product may become the second phone after Xiaomi 14 Pro to abandon the aluminum chassis mobile phone.

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In addition, perhaps the biggest attraction of the Xiaomi 14 series lies in its screen and body. There is news that Xiaomi 14 Pro will use an extreme small straight screen with a right-angle middle frame, while Xiaomi 14 Ultra will use an extreme large and micro four-curved screen, with only a slightly curved 2.7D at the bracket, and slightly small ears on the R angle, and it is also equipped with a right-angle middle frame. This very narrow-edge design can make the front screen occupy a fairly high proportion. Coupled with the titanium material, the front visual effect and the overall feel are directly filled.

In other aspects, the appearance of the Xiaomi 14Pro has been determined, with a 50MP round three-camera on the back + a large round two-color temperature flash in the upper right corner + a square Deco, and the lens label information is in the middle of the Deco.

In terms of performance, the Xiaomi Mi 14 series will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 mobile platform, and it is highly likely that it will debut as the first Snapdragon 8gen3 model. In addition, the first running score of the chip has been exposed, with a single-core running score of 2563 points and a multi-core running score of 7256 points, with powerful performance.

In addition, the Xiaomi 14 series is expected to provide 512GB and 1TB storage solutions. Previously, the Xiaomi 13 standard version has already launched the 12GB+512GB version, and the 14 will continue to upgrade to large storage. It is also expected.

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In terms of battery life, the battery capacity will continue to be between 4000 and 5000mAh. As for whether it will continue to be upgraded or maintain the 4500mAh of the 13 series, it is not yet known, but it is likely to support 120W fast charging.

In terms of image configuration, Xiaomi 14 Pro will be expected to be equipped with a periscope telephoto lens with a focal length of 115mm, which supports up to 5 times optical zoom.

At present, Xiaomi has not officially announced the release time of the Xiaomi 14 series. It is expected to debut at the end of the year, but the information that exists on the Internet is already considerable. Perhaps the most anticipated is the titanium special version of the 14 Pro. If you have the same interest, you can keep an eye on it together.