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Three Special Functions of Titanium Material

  • 2022-01-18

Three Special Functions of Titanium Material

(1) Shape Memory Function

Refers to the ability of Ti-50% Ni (atomic) alloy to restore its original shape under certain temperature conditions. This material is called a shape memory alloy.

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(2) Superconducting Function

Refers to Nb-Ti alloy. When the temperature drops close to absolute zero, the wire made of Nb-Ti alloy will lose resistance. Any large current will pass through, and the wire will not generate heat and consume no energy. Nb-Ti is called a superconducting material.

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(3) Hydrogen Storage Function

Refers to the Ti-50% Fe (atomic) alloy, which has the ability to absorb a large amount of hydrogen gas. Using this feature of Ti-Fe, hydrogen can be stored safely, that is, steel high-pressure cylinders are not necessarily used to store hydrogen. Under certain conditions, Ti-Fe can also release hydrogen. Ti-Fe is called an energy storage material.