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Core Parts - Gas Turbines And Breakthroughs In Gas Turbines

  • 2022-01-04

Core Parts - Gas Turbines And Breakthroughs In Gas Turbines

Gas turbines have the advantages of high power, high thermal efficiency, low pollution, and small size and weight. They are widely used in power stations, transportation, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields, and can be called “large heavy equipment”. According to Zhiyan Consulting data, the size of China's gas turbine market has exceeded 50 billion in 2020. However, although China's gas turbine market is huge, Chinese manufacturers do not have enough voice in this field.

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The Core Components Of a Large Heavy Weapon

Since the core equipment of gas turbines-superalloy turbine discs, domestic companies have never been able to develop their own. According to industry insiders, superalloy turbine discs are a “extreme manufacturing” technology, involving special smelting, heavy forging, high-precision machining and other fields. It is precisely for this reason that superalloy turbine discs have always been regarded as the most direct manifestation of a country's industrial strength.

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“Stuck In The Neck” By Overseas Companies

For a long time, the manufacturing technology of oversized superalloy turbine discs has been monopolized by European and American companies. With the blessing of technological advantages, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Ansaldo, and GE have successfully captured more than 85% of the global gas turbine power generation market. China's gas turbine market is basically also occupied by overseas products.

Of course, this situation is not what domestic manufacturers want to see. Therefore, Chinese companies have been making technological breakthroughs. Although our country's related industries started late and had a low starting point, with the improvement of national scientific and technological standards and industrial standards, our country's large-size superalloy turbine disc manufacturing technology has begun to achieve breakthroughs.