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Apple iPhone14 Pro Re-material: New Titanium Design

  • 2021-09-10

Apple iPhone14 Pro Re-Material: New Titanium Design

According to the news on September 9, Apple has announced that it will hold its autumn conference at 1: 00 a.m. Beijing time on September 15, when it is expected to launch a new generation of iPhone13/12 series models and other products.

Just one day after Apple announced that it would release a new iPhone next week, the breaking news@jon_prosser brought news about the iPhone14 series.

He revealed that the 2022 iPhone has canceled the bangs at present, and is expected to adopt a perforated screen design, and switch to a new titanium material.

iPhone will use Titanium.jpg

Now, this year's iPhone will have the following points:

1. There are no bangs, and instead there is a front-centered punch design, which is consistent with the forecast given by analyst Guo Mingqi;

2. Using a thicker backplane(which may refer to the bottom cover), so the rear camera module will not protrude, and the lens of the iPhone14, the LED flash, and the lidar scanner can all be flush with the glass panel of the back cover;

3. The body or middle frame is changed to a titanium alloy frame, and the volume button is changed to a circular design, which makes people think of iPhone 4;

4. The speaker and microphone holes are greatly changed, using an elongated mesh incision, rather than a small hole alone at the bottom of the phone;

5. Some models of iphone14 will use the lightning interface.

Prosser said that although the device may be released in September 2022,taking into account that some aspects of the design size of the iPhone14 may change significantly, and there may be some changes during mass production, he believes that the final version will remain basically the same in the overall design.

Titanium will be used in iPhone.jpg

He also said that he had achieved the image of "iPhone14Pro Max", but he was not talking about the updated technology of these designs. The rendering diagram he gave shows a variety of colors, but these colors are only made for rendering, so they are only for reference.

Prosser has also predicted Apple's new products.For example, in May 2010, Jon Prosser predicted that Apple would release Apple glasses in the fourth quarter of 2020 or the first quarter of 2021, starting at USD$499. According to the current multi-party news, the time he predicted may be going wrong.

In recent years, the iPhone has indeed been promoting the iPhone in a major revision in 2 to 3 years.For example, from the iPhone X, Xs to the iPhone11 series, Apple has used almost the same design. While the chip has been improved, the imaging system and the ability to calculate photography have been improved year by year. When it comes to iPhone12 and the new iPhone that will be released next week, it has turned to a positive design.

It is still the old saying that in the eyes of mass consumers, the change in appearance is the biggest change in the iPhone, and it is also the biggest guarantee for Apple's skyrocketing financial season.