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TEKNA and AIRBUS sign multi-year supply agreement for 3D printing titanium powder

  • 2021-09-08

TEKNA and AIRBUS sign multi-year supply agreement for 3D printing titanium powder

The long-term supply agreement for high-quality titanium powder will make Tekna one of the primary suppliers of Additive Manufacturing powder to Airbus.

ARENDAL, NO / SHERBROOKE, QC – Tekna (OSE: TEKNA), the world-leading provider of advanced materials to industry, has been selected by Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer, to provide high-quality titanium powder for Additive Manufacturing. This agreement positions Tekna as one of the key powder suppliers for Airbus - including its divisions Defense and Space and Helicopters - as well as its related supply chain for titanium alloys.

Additive Manufacturing technology allows for the reduction of complexity and weight of parts. It uses a faster, cost-competitive and sustainable production process.


Rémy Pontone, VP Sales & Marketing at Tekna, says: “The quality of our Ti64 product, and the processes we developed to ensure this consistent high quality, were contributing factors to Tekna winning the bid. We expect our titanium powder sales to ramp up over the coming years through this long-term agreement with both Airbus and its Enabled Suppliers.”

Luc Dionne, Chief Executive Officer at Tekna Canada, adds: “We are very pleased to have been selected by Airbus, knowing the high standards of quality, reliability and supply chain solidity they expect from their suppliers. We are proud to add them to our long list of major aerospace customers and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Airbus.”

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On 3 May 2021, Tekna accepted an invitation from the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance to participate in a major aerospace qualification program. The generated data will be posted in The Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization Handbook, which is an accepted source for metallic material, recognized by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Parts produced with Tekna's powder material, qualified under this program, will automatically pass the initial design phase and analysis by those entities.

Tekna produces high-quality powders dedicated to additive manufacturing, metal injection molding and hot isostatic pressing applications. The main features of such powders are high flowability, high density and high purity at controlled production costs. These properties are attained by applying the patented RF Plasma Technology, developed and perfected by Tekna over the last 30 years.

As the quality leader for metal powder, Tekna is committed to strengthening its global position as the supplier of choice for Additive Manufacturing.

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