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Why is Titanium suitable for Watch Making?

  • 2021-07-29

Why is Titanium suitable for Watch Making?

Titanium is suitable for watch-making precisely because it has the following five characteristics:

1. Lightening

Generally, the density of titanium is lower than that of stainless steel(the density of the former is roughly 4.51g/cm3, the density of the latter is 8.00g/cm3), in other words, titanium is lighter than stainless steel. This difference is reflected in the relatively thick case of diving watches will be more obvious, such as Tudor Pelagos and Rolex Sea Angel, which weigh 157g and 212g, respectively, the difference is as much as 50g, you can feel the advantages of Titanium lightweight on your hands.

2. High Compression Resistance And Strength

The weight and density of titanium is lighter and lower than stainless steel, but in titanium grade 5, for example, its strength can reach 1000MPa, which is 5 times of stainless steel. Therefore, such as aerospace, aviation industry, they often use a large number of titanium as the main material for the production of rockets and aircraft. In additional, the Vickers hardness of titanium is generally about 350HV, relatively speaking, the hardness of stainless steel is about 150~200HV, which shows that the strength of titanium is also relatively high.

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3. Skin-Friendly:

Some people may be allergic to nickel in stainless steel, but titanium does not contain nickel, it will not cause allergic reactions to the wearer, the natural oxide layer on the surface of titanium is not easy to cause allergies to the human body, and it is naturally more at ease to wear.

4. Corrosion Resistance:

Although today, science has improved the corrosion resistance of stainless steel a lot. While the innate corrosion resistance of titanium is even better, to cause corrosion of titanium, unless the watch is soaked in nitric acid and other strong acids, otherwise it is basically difficult to see titanium rust, so we often see diving watches advertised as made of titanium, for even if exposed to high salt water for a long time, titanium watches will not be in danger of corrosion.

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5. Low Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of metal on the surface does not seem to have much to do with what we wear, but imagine two situations: the cold moment we wear a metal chain watch on our wrist on a winter morning, or the heat of the watch suddenly on the wrist.At this time titanium is not easy to appear too cold or too hot, which is the advantage of low thermal conductivity.

In the range of low-priced mechanical watches such as thousands of pieces, usually stainless steel watches in the world, this price is relatively rare to see brands use titanium to make cases, but if the budget rises to the price of RMB¥10,000, then the style of titanium watches will become more rich, so if the price is about the same premise, the above points may be the decisive point to decide whether you want to choose titanium or stainless steel watches in the end.