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What is titanium?

  • 2020-05-08

What is Titanium?

Titan or titanium is a chemical element, a metal, symbol and the order in the periodic table is 22. Titan is a silver white, low weight and high durability metal. Titan can not be corroded in sea water, strong acid and chlorine water.

Titan is the lightweight, toughest metal in almost metals, smooth surfaces, corrosion resistant (like platinum). It can resist corrosion even with acid, chlorine gas and with common salt fluids.

In pure state, titanium can be pulled easily (especially in an oxygen-free environment), easily machining. The melting temperature of titanium is relatively high so it is used as heat resistant metal. Titan is hard as steel but 40%, and it weighs a half more aluminum but six times tougher. These characteristics of titanium help it tolerate metal fatigue. Since Titan's hardness is lower than some steel, so it is easier than steel, but compared to gold and aluminum, titanium hardness is more than them.

Because of light advantages, good corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, good stretching ability, Titan's alloy is used to build spacecraft, aircraft, armored vehicles, navy ships, spacecraft and missiles, bulletproof vest...

In addition, titanium is not toxic and does not cause any impact on the human body, so this material is used in medical for replacement parts, transplants. Besides, Titanium is non-magnetic and non-infected.

The two most applied properties in metal are corrosion resistant and the highest ratio-ratio of all metal elements. In non-alloy form, titanium is as durable as steel, but lighter than steel.

#How much is the price of #Titan?

It is the 9th most common element on earth's shell (0.63% mass), but titanium mining is extremely difficult. Furthermore, to have pure Titan metal will have to undergo complex refined stages, Titan machining is quite difficult because of welding, forging, forging and heat processing high techniques, modern machines.

This material is waterproof, does not react to all acid, except nitric acid, guaranteed durable, beautiful, safe with user health, so Titan products are quite popular on the market. That's why titanium prices are not cheap.

Before looking for titanium metal you should consider carefully because this metal is difficult to use on daily purposes, almost only for specialized industries. Should find big reputable suppliers for advice and find high quality titanium metal line, avoid being cheated into buying fake, low quality products.

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