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MMO Coated Titanium Anode Wire
MMO Coated Titanium Anode Wire

We supply MMO Coated Titanium Anode Wire , Gr1 Titanium as substrate, mixed metal oxide(IrO2+Ta2O5) as coating, Dia1.5mm, Dai2mm,Dia3mm, and so on. Length in 300mm or in coil, about 5kg per coil




Gr1/Gr2 titanium as substrate, mixed Ruthenium and Iridium/platinum


Iridium-Tantalum, Ruthenium-Iridium, Ruthenium-Iridium-Titanium,Platinum,Ruthenium oxide, Iridium oxide as coating


Sand blasting, Acid washing and Brush coating


According to customers’ drawing

Shape of base material

Sheet, pipe, rod, wire and mesh


1. Current density≤2000A/m2
2. PH: 0.1-14
3. Max content of fluoride ion is 200PPM


Salt water/ Saline solution/Brine/Sea water


1. Improved resistance for oxygen/chlorine mixed evolution
2. Range of compositions for various duties available 
3. Improved resistance in acidic media
4. Low wear rate

1. High corrosion resisting 
2 .High current efficiency 
3. Long working life 
4. High current density 
5. Light-weight 
6. Stable operating voltage 
7. The base material can be reused 


1. Water (Brine and Sea water) Treatment. 
2. Chemical, Paper, Petro-Chemical and Fertilizer Industries. 
3. Textile Industries. 
4. Electrical & Electronics Engineering Industries.
5. Metal Finishing, Electro Plating, Semi Conductors and PCB Industries. 
6. Chemical Industries. 
7. Chlore-Alkali & Desalination application.
8. Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

Product show.jpg阳极丝3.jpg阳极丝1.jpg钛阳极丝.jpgpackaging & delivery.jpg1.Standard Exporting package.

2.Original package or neutral package.

3.According to clients'needs.

4.Shipped in10-35 days after payment.

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