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The Annual Growth Rate of Titanium Alloy Consumption for Chinese Civil Aircraft About 6.5%

  • 2021-06-15

The Annual Growth Rate of Titanium Alloy Consumption for Chinese Civil Aircraft About 6.5%

Xi'an Aircraft Company Civil Aircraft Company is a major manufacturer of China's turboprop regional aircraft, its development of the "new boat" series turboprop regional aircraft by December 2020 has paid a total of 127 customers at home and abroad. At present, more and more countries along the “Belt and Road” and African countries adopt the “new boat” regional aircraft. Although China has now built a relatively perfect civil aviation system, but compared with foreign and developed countries there is still a large gap,in 2020 China's average flight is about 0.35 times, while the global average is 0.5 times, compared to the United States 2.54 times, Japan's 0.93 times much lower, so China's civil aviation industry still has great potential for development, provides a lot of space for the development of the titanium industry.

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In civil machinery manufacturing, titanium is mainly used for the engine and landing gear structure, in the landing gear system some structural parts are subjected to huge impact when landing on the ground, must be forged with titanium alloy, with Gr5 (Ti﹣6Al﹣4V) alloy, its composition (mass%): Al: 5.50 ~ 6.80, V: 3.50 ~ 4.50, impurity content is not greater than Fe: 0.30, C: 0.10, N: 0.05, O: 0.20, other impurities a single 0.1, total 0.4, the rest is Ti. Open billet forging is 950℃~1150℃, after the forging temperature is about 950℃, a fire deformation of 30% ~ 70%. The engine system uses titanium alloy, which can work for a long time at higher temperatures, which has a very high instantaneous strength and long-lasting strength over the entire operating temperature range. At room temperature, it has good processing and forming properties, high creep resistance and good thermal stability. At room temperature and high temperature have good anti-fatigue properties. Civil aviation engine disc, blade, intake casing, etc. are made of titanium alloy. Typical alloys used are Gr5, TC6 (Ti-6Al-2.5Mo-2Cr-0.5Fe-0.3Si) and TC11 (Ti-6.5Al-3.5Mo-1.5Zr-0.3Si).

From 2020 to 2038, the period of great development of civil aviation in China, the average annual growth rate of titanium used in civil machinery manufacturing can reach 6.5%. In the manufacture of large aircraft C919, aluminum alloy accounted for 65%, about 14 t/frame, titanium alloy accounted for about 8%, about 1.73t: front fuselage platen, made of TC4 alloy, hanging on the joint and the beam, engine connection frame, ordinary frame for Gr5 alloy forgings, nose skin with a part of titanium alloy. The rear fuselage of the ARJ 21 regional airliner is made of Gr5 alloy annealed plate, the fuselage skin is Gr5 alloy,and some components of the landing gear are Gr5 alloy forgings.