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Application of Titanium Material on Nuclear Submarines in the Former Soviet Union

  • 2020-09-30

Application of Titanium Material on Nuclear Submarines in the Former Soviet Union--II

3. "Serra" class referred to as S-Class, A total of 2 Type with 4 ships built, "Serra" class using elongated drop-shaped linear design and double-shell structure of a plurality of small compartments, external pressure housing using titanium alloy material plate, the inner and outer shell spacing is large.The power plant is a pressurized water reactor 1 and 2 steam turbines, the engine disc and rotor blades, pipes, valves and their accessories, heat exchange plates and pipes are made of titanium alloy material. Ship installed navigation systems, search radar, sonar (titanium alloy shroud), power drive propeller and paddle shaft are used titanium alloy material, weapon systems equipped with eight pneumatic and hydraulic balanced torpedo launch device (titanium alloy material launch tube), can carry multiple types of torpedoes, anti-submarine missiles and long-range cruise missiles, you can also launch anti-aircraft missiles, attack ability, especially anti-submarine ability is very strong.

What really made the Serra class famous was a collision underwater between Russian and American nuclear submarines after the collapse of the former Soviet Union.In 1992, a“Los Angeles” - class attack nuclear submarine of the United States Navy tracked the“Serra” - class nuclear submarine of the Russian Northern Fleet at the entrance to the military port on the Kola Peninsula. After the Russian submarine found, Take head-on collision tactical action, rushed to the American submarine.The shell of the Russian submarine's conning tower crashed into the hull of the American submarine, and its shell was almost completely destroyed.The pressure-resistant hull of the American submarine suffered a fatal impact and was forced to retire three years later, becoming the first decommissioned“Los Angeles” - class submarine.In stark contrast, the Russian ship "Serra" class nuclear submarine after repair, although after the collapse of the former Soviet Union after all kinds of hardships, but still in service, which also fully proved that the type of boat protection capacity is called first-class, but also proved that titanium alloy in marine, especially submarine pressure shell used in huge advantages.

4. "Typhoon" class is the former Soviet Union's largest ballistic missile submarine,is also the world's largest volume and tonnage submarine record holder, its single boat using titanium reached an amazing amount of 9000 tons, built before the collapse of the Soviet Union“Typhoon”class 2 Type 12 ships.The first”Typhoon " class nuclear submarine began construction in 1977 and began service in 1982.Displacement of 33.8 Kt,not only about 1 times larger than the United States similar boats, and dive deeper( up to 1830m, faster speed( speed of 27 knots, 30% faster than similar ordinary submarines).

"Typhoon" class nuclear submarine double-shell structure, non-pressure housing made of high-strength low magnet, pressure housing built with titanium alloy,” Typhoon "class a total of 19 compartments, from the cross section as a “product" shaped layout, and in the main pressure hull, pressure central compartment and torpedo compartment using titanium alloy material,tough double-shell structure makes the submarine when subjected to ordinary torpedo attack,most of theOverall, the "typhoon" level is sufficient to fight the general attack submarines and surface anti-submarine ships, the ship's reactor pipes, Engine discs and rotor blades, valves and accessories, heat exchange plates, most pipeline pipes, power drive device propeller and paddle shaft, navigation system fixed components, search radar fixed components, sonar shroud made of titanium alloy material.