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Is Titanium Sheet Really Safe in the Human Body?

  • 2020-07-02

Is Titanium Plate Really Safe in the Human Body?

Now Titanium material has been widely used in the medical field, many patients are worried about titanium in the body in the end is safe? Will there be some long-term harm or not, what is the long-term effect will be?

First of all, no metal is absolutely affinity and safety, extraneous is always less healthy than the original. But Titanium with its high affinity with the human body is a leader in the field of metals already. The doctor said that the above concerns are reasonable, but there is no need to replace or move the operation which has been in the body of the titanium plate, otherwise there may be further damage. For example, some of the titanium plate in the joints used to help connect the bone after fracture growth, bone growth in the connection will cover the titanium plate, so that is difficult to move or separate.

Dr. David is committed to the study of titanium alloy plate used in the distal radius fracture, he said for the strong affinity of titanium elements, titanium plate has begun to partially insted of stainless steel plate, he believes that this will reduce the adverse reactions between the human body and metal. Even if titanium and the human body have adverse reactions, but also relatively mild and short duration. The combination of titanium with other metals (e.g. cobalt, chromium) is also good for the human body and is more durable.

As previously said, no matter how good titanium, but it can not match the original organ, academia believes that the current metal plate in the human body will cause some impact.

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Firstly, the effect on the immune system. There is evidence that metals in the human body can cause the entire immune system to be under functioning, and when immune system shut down, that will bring all kinds of bacteria infection. Also, some studies have shown that metal plates cause a surge in lymphocytes in the blood, which in turn causes the metal plates to be ineffective (not yet fully proven).

Secondly, the metal plate can not be removed and will remain in the body. It has been found that the metal elements of stainless steel and titanium will enter the human blood system, soft tissue and joints. But Titanium is more stable, so the content of titanium in the above parts is much lower than stainless steel.

Titanium plate is good, but always not as good as the original organ! Boze Metal here to remind everyone in this special period must pay attention to your safety!