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Application of Titanium Tube in Various Industries--Extend

  • 2020-06-22

Application of Titanium Tube in Various Industries--Extend

Third, The Application of The Automotive Industry

Titanium tube in the application of racing has many years of history, titanium tube with light weight, high strength and other properties have been concerned by car manufacturers for a very long time. Currently racing almost use titanium pipe (hand-held spectrum analyzer), Japanese automotive titanium pipe has more than 600 tons, with the development of the global automotive industry, automotive titanium pipe is still increasing rapidly. 


Fourth, The Application of Medicine

Metal implantation in the human body is a very rare surgical procedure, with the improvement of medical technology. Since the titanium tube metal has a weak rejection response to human tissue, is widely used in artificial bones, artificial joints, artificial teeth and other human implants have been widely used now. In addition, the application of titanium tube in pharmaceutical machinery, medical equipment has been further recognized, the future demand can not be underestimated.