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Titanium Burnt Color Bolt Kit
Titanium Burnt Color Bolt Kit

Our Titanium Bolt kits have Burnt Anodized finish and include the popular body bolts on your bike


Description.jpgTitanium Burnt Color Bolt Kit

We Manufacture a wide range of Titanium Fasteners, Other standard or non-standard titanium bolts and nuts can be customized.


Titanium and titanium alloy fastener


Titanium Gr1,Gr2, Gr5(Ti-6AL-4V), Gr7,Gr9, Gr12, etc.


DIN912, DIN933, DIN84, DIN85, DIN963, DIN7991, DIN6912, DIN931, ISO7380, Non-Standard (according to customer)


M3-M30     Length: 6mm-300mm


Gold, Blue, Purple, Green, Black, Ti natural

Product type

Head Type

Round, Pan ,Hex, Flat, Button, Truss, Oval, Binding, Cheese, Fillister, etc.

Drive type

Slotted, Hex, Allen, Torx, SplineDrive, etc


Unique corrosion resistance,half the weight of steel bolts,high strength,high performance and so forth.


Equipment accessories: airplane, ship, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, medical, chemical, wheel, sports, anchor, weapon, etc.

Product show.jpgBurnt color Ti- bolt_副本.jpgLong Ti bolt_副本.jpgDIN6923 Titanium Hex Flange Nuts_副本.jpgpackaging & delivery.jpg1. Standard Exporting package.

2. Original package or neutral package.

3. According to clients' needs.

4. Shipped in 10-35 days after payment.

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