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Why do titanium glasses become the new favorite in the glasses world?

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Why do titanium glasses become the new favorite in the glasses world?

Titanium is known as the "third metal" after the rise of iron and aluminum, it is aviation, marine, chemical, medical indispensable material. In addition to the top ten features of titanium:

1. Low density, high strength

2. Corrosion resistance: very stable in many media

3. Good heat resistance: the new titanium alloy can be long-term use at 600 degrees Celsius or higher temperature

4. Anti-damping strong: by mechanical vibration, electrical vibration, compared with steel, iron, the longest vibration decay time

5. Non-magnetic, non-toxic: in a large magnetic field will not be magnetized, non-toxic and has good compatibility with human tissues and blood

6. Tensile strength and yield strength close to: metal titanium material in the plastic deformation is poor. Due to the yield point of titanium and elastic modulus of the ratio of play, making the resilience of titanium molding large

7. Good heat transfer performance: although the thermal conductivity is lower than that of copper and carbon steel, due to the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium, the wall thickness can be greatly reduced, and the heat exchange between the surface and the steam is trickle condensation, reducing the heat Resistance, surface scaling can also reduce the thermal resistance so that the titanium heat transfer performance significantly improved

8. Inspiratory performance: at high temperatures with many elements and compounds. Mainly refers to the high temperature with carbon, hydrogen. Nitrogen, oxygen reaction

9. Memory function: Titanium alloy at a certain temperature with a one-way, two-way and all-round memory effect, is recognized as the best memory alloy

10, superconducting function: niobium titanium alloy temperature below the critical temperature is, showing a zero-point resistance of the superconducting function.

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So it is not difficult to understand why titanium metal will be the preferred application in the glasses: take its light is not easy to break, flexible, super corrosion resistance, good touch characteristics. So that the wearer will no longer wear traditional overweight glasses, long-term compression of the nosebone causing muscle compression and other discomfort, no longer worried about the long-term use of glasses discoloration and other issues .......

However, people in the industry know that the production cost of titanium and titanium alloys is very high, and the requirements for buckling, stamping, cutting and welding are also very high, which are not easily defended and plated. The welding must be completed in a vacuum. In particular, the glasses are the most difficult to use selected pure titanium and β titanium, titanium is very soft and very "sticky", too active at high temperatures, processing is very very difficult. Frames are very thin frame, requires a lot of fine processing, but also involves the titanium welding technology, titanium is particularly challenging for this particular material is a big challenge. High production costs and high processing difficulty also allow optical engineers to work hard, spent six months time from buckling, stamping, cutting and welding insist on excellence, to overcome the difficulties finally reached a satisfactory result.

Combined with the various advantages of titanium, titanium glasses will eventually become the new darling of the optical industry!


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